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Buying A Wi-Fi Network For Your Business In Salt Lake City

Companies large and small are enhancing productivity by switching to wireless for their business network. A wireless business network is second to none when it comes to flexibility. Most of today’s popular IT solutions are designed for mobile devices on the wireless Web.

Implementing wireless requires some forethought and planning. Ask yourself these questions:


1. Will It Work in Your Building?

If you’re in a commercial property with other tenants, ask them about their experience with wireless. They will be able to discuss their wireless provider and the quality of service to expect. Remember that some older buildings may use materials or construction practices that can hinder wireless signal, leading to frustration. An IT management company should be able to look at your workspace and give you a consultation on what will work for your circumstances.


2. How Much Will It Cost?

Wondering how much IT services cost or even just business Wi-Fi is a fair question. You’ve verified that wireless is an option. It’s time to look at the different providers, the package plans they offer and what you might pay. Major factors in cost include the type of service, your connection speed and any one-time setup fees that might be charged. Be wary of companies that use hidden fees or long-term contracts to conceal high prices!


3. What Type of Connection Do You Need?

You will need to consider both connection speed and bandwidth. Bandwidth is a measurement of transmission capacity and is shared among users in your office. In general, you will need higher bandwidth capacity as you add more members to your team. Low bandwidth can make even fast connections slow to a crawl during periods of peak usage.


4. How Long Are You Under Contract?

Many companies require you to sign a contract for at least 12 months of service. This helps them to recoup costs associated with installation and equipment. You may be offered the chance to adopt a longer contract with lower fees, but do not assume it is always the best deal. Business Wi-Fi in Salt Lake City is easy to find, so talk to a few companies and try to get the best price.

Closing an agreement is often more important to a wireless service provider than getting you to pay a specific price. Be willing to negotiate. Companies that understand your needs are more likely to provide you with discounts and other opportunities not spelled out in the basic contract.


5. Will You Have the IT Help You Need?

IT help is a crucial aspect of any wireless agreement. You want to know exactly who to talk to if your service goes down or does not perform as described. It is vital that the help desk be available by phone or text. Email or chat will not do you much good when the wireless is down!

There are many online tools you can use that will estimate the speed of your connection. It is a good idea to run one of these tools and compare the performance it detects to the terms of your contract. You might discover you are only getting a fraction of the service you paid for.

Wireless is one of the most useful IT solutions in Salt Lake City available for most businesses. Start with a little research and you’ll easily find the right provider for you.