What does “Integral” even mean, anyway?

Adam Luker, the founder, has always been a bit of a language geek AND a math geek, and the name “Integral” has roots in both those fields.

In English, the word “Integral” means “necessary to make a whole complete, essential or fundamental.” We try to provide a complete set of IT services that small businesses might find necessary. If there’s ever a specific need we can’t provide in-house, we help find the right expert to meet that need, and coordinate to manage the project as required. That means our clients can manage all their technology needs through a single point of contact: us.

We don’t have an adjective in English that means “of integrity.” But Romance languages do. That word is “integral.” Integrity – the quality of being honest and sticking to our principles – is our company’s highest value and we wanted to broadcast that to the world through our name. Problem is, most people don’t realize that’s what the name means. But now you do. So thanks for reading this page.

In mathematics, you can cut a function up into segments, measure each one, and then combine them to estimate the area under a curve.

When you extend that process to infinity (which it turns out is almost like dividing zero by zero), you can calculate the exact area under that curve. That process is called an “integral.” How does this relate to IT work? Well, that’s a good question. And I’m not sure we have a good answer. But we still think it’s pretty cool.