Networks: Data and telephone networks are the backbone of most companies’ IT setups, and we handle them all.

  • Wired networks – we install data networks of any size, from running a single cable for the copier in the back room, to designing and installing a full-office network for hundreds of users, complete with back-room cable management, patch panels, switches, routers, firewalls, and all their configuration and management.
  • Wireless networks – pretty much everybody uses wireless devices these days, and a robust wireless network with good coverage and good performance is critical for most businesses. Whether you need a high-security network that will handle access to government-regulated information across multiple buildings, or a simple guest network for the customers in the lobby, we can set it up and maintain it.
  • Telephone networks – if you haven’t jumped on the Voice-Over-IP bandwagon, you have a separate network that handles traditional telephone signals and circuits. We handle these with ease as well, and can expand or modify your telephone infrastructure as needed.
  • Internet and VPN – while we (usually) don’t provide internet access itself, we can arrange things with the right service provider and handle installation and activation. We also routinely set up encrypted access over the internet from remote offices or for out-of-office users.