“We work with business owners, administrators, and even residential users, to develop the vision of what they want their computer systems to do”

Technology Consultation

We teach decision-makers what technology can do for them, and help them define their strategy and tactics. Could new technology make a difference on your bottom line?

Most business owners and managers are not IT experts, or even if they are, they aren’t able to devote the necessary time and energy to their IT systems to make them really shine. And that’s okay, because that’s where we come in.

We work with business owners, administrators, and even residential users, to develop the vision of what they want their computer systems to do. We even take it a step further and help business owners to see how technology can help solve challenges or problems they face in running their businesses. We help brainstorm options, lending insight into technology and computer developments that they may not otherwise have been aware of.

We help clients with a variety of different types of projects. We can help them design the right computer network for their needs. We can help them analyze their existing infrastructure. What capacity does the infrastructure need to support this year? And in the future? What parts of the infrastructure need to be changed out and refreshed? What tasks could technology do for them? What tasks could be streamlined? Some clients just want to upgrade certain features of their network. We can help with that as well!

We advise clients on what these capabilities will cost, and how to maximize their budget dollars. And then we help them work out a road map and a timeframe to get from where they are to where they would like to be.

We then help business owners get their networks installed and running, and their employees trained on using the technology. We help with continued network maintenance. In other words, we help with every step of the process of acquiring and using technology in your business.

From time to time, we act as an outside IT Director or IT Manager, helping formulate IT-related policies and procedures, training our clients’ users on the technical aspects of their jobs, and otherwise taking a heavy administrative load off our clients’ shoulders. With the diversity of experience our team of technicians brings to the table, we almost always have an ideal candidate to serve these functions, regardless of our clients’ widely-varying industries.

We make it our job to improve your business.

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Your technology infrastructure is an integral part of your business, and not something to hand off carelessly. Let us come see your office or network and discuss your needs and the vision you have for your ideal IT setup.