“We keep technology running smoothly, preventing costly downtime.”


We keep technology running smoothly, preventing costly downtime.

Many of our clients have us perform proactive-maintenance tasks such as managing software and firmware updates, monitoring logs for stability or security concerns, and managing antivirus and network security systems. Where possible, we often also set up automated responses to changing network conditions, to nip potential problems in the bud before they can even be noticed by an actual human.

We recommend replacing computers and other hardware on a regular basis, especially for business users. This is a proven way to avoid many types of hardware-failure-related downtime, as well as keeping employees efficient – not waiting on aging hardware to catch up to them – and avoiding the frustration and morale drain of the “slow $%#@ computer” syndrome.

Additionally, we recommend – in the strongest terms – maintaining good backups, and one way to improve almost any backup scheme is to automate it. We help set up system backups (usually encrypted), and many of our clients have us come swap them out on a regular basis, storing them in a secured offsite fire-resistant safe. We also frequently recommend online backups as an additional layer of protection.

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