“We make sure we get the right technician on the job so our solution can be as elegant as possible.”

Help Desk Technicians

We fix problems for clients when they come up – large or small. It’s that simple.

We have expert IT technicians, with a wide variety of experience and skills, answering our incoming help desk phone calls. When you call our help desk, no matter what your problem is, you can expect that it will get solved. We will have someone who has solved a similar problem before. Guaranteed.

Big or small, any problem can be time-consuming and frustrating. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of advice to solve a problem yourself. Or, sometimes you need much more. A call could be a 30-second “quick question,” an hour-long training on how to use formulas in Excel, or even a full day of frantic database recovery.

When we say that we’ll help a client with anything, we mean anything. We’ll help a client with a failing floppy drive on a 20-year-old computer, a client whose state-of-the-art water-based cooling system on a gaming system isn’t running as quietly as it should, or a client whose printer just isn’t printing color anymore. We’ll help clients with lost date they hope to recover, a frozen computer screen, or a company-wide phone system that isn’t working. You name it, and we do it.

Our technicians are technology experts and are good at solving problems. Each one has his or her own particular superhero power, but our company as a whole does not specialize in a particular part of IT services; we generalize. We emphasize versatility and a broad set of skills and capabilities in our technicians. It is what makes us good at solving problems. Our diversity allows us to take a step back, look at the big picture, and identify the most appropriate and efficient way to resolve any given problem. At the end of the day, we are champions for the user, solving whatever computer-related problem that may come up on any average work day.

If we come across something that needs a more complex or nuanced approach, we make sure we get the right technician on the job so our solution can be as far-reaching as possible. We are committed to our clients.

The bottom line is that our team works together and we get the problem solved, so you can forget it ever happened. Give us a call at (801) 486-2580. Our office hours are 9-5, but we will take as much time as it takes to solve a client’s problem.

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