Our Team

At Integral IT our biggest asset is our team. Each team member with their unique individual talents add enormously to our over all success. Take a moment to get to know each member of our team by clicking on a member’s picture to see for yourself all there is to love.


Adam started Integral in 2006 as just your friendly neighborhood technician... His expertise launched the company onto its current trajectory of growth and ever-increasing excellence. He employs his wizard-level technical skills on behalf of our clients — including diagnostic abilities bordering on the supernatural — while leading the company with strategic business decisions. Adam keeps himself entertained by exploring mathematics, writing fantasy novels, playing the classical guitar, and hunting wild mushrooms in the Uinta Mountains.


Ken is the point person for our MSP clients, and nearly all of their technical needs... land in his court at one point or another. His professional background spans IT, manufacturing and customer service, with over 16 years’ experience managing network infrastructures. He is originally from the Bay area of California and one of his most exotic adventures has been scuba diving in Belize. Ken’s well-developed sense of humor and appropriately mild shenanigans keep us on all our toes.


Janae is the welcoming face and voice of Integral for anybody who visits or calls... She runs our office operations and with her resourcefulness occasionally resolves issues before they reach a technician. She also takes good care of our staff, keeping the office well-stocked with snacks, running errands, and generally acting as “den mother.” Janae is from Idaho where she earned an Administrative degree from Idaho State University. Her hands are usually full as she juggles her career, motherhood, outdoor activities, music, and keeping out of trouble.


Stephen applies his technical expertise widely, from personal website development... to network and systems administration. His early interest in technology led him to computer admin roles starting in grade school. He worked for tech companies including Vivint and eBay before joining Integral IT Services. Though he may be settling down into his new house with his wife, he would eventually like to travel with her to distant parts of the world – including the UK sitesof his favored Harry Potter series.


Jon started working professionally in IT in 2010 for a computer repair shop... where he garnered experience with hardware repair and customer service. He continues and expands on that foundation here at Integral IT Services by taking on a very wide variety of projects – and handling them thoroughly and efficiently. Jon spends most of his time involved in technology of one sort or another; his main hobby is programming his own video game. We love his willingness to tackle challenging issues and his positive attitude, and our customers love his personal engagement with their needs.


Nate began working in IT for data storage companies where he advanced... to Senior Technician working mostly with SAN and NAS systems. In addition to bringing his considerable expertise to bear supporting our clients’ storage systems, he addresses a variety of other hardware and software issues as needs arise. Though he has done plenty of support on Microsoft and Linux operating systems, he prefers Apple for his personal use. Nate loves playing the guitar and has traveled thousands of miles to stay close to his two children.


Lara is the Administrative Assistant for Janae and assists with the friendliness... that welcomes you to Integral. She is kind of a “Jack of all trades” assistant. Born and raised in Utah, she prides herself on never falling prey to the “bump it” hairstyle. When not assisting Integral staff and clients she is usually found at home with her partner in crime Walt and overly energetic dog George, the Labradoodle.