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IT Consultant Costs

No long-term contracts

Consistent with our values, we don’t want to lock somebody in to paying us for services if it’s not a good fit, so we do not offer long-term contracts. Our clients engage our services in three ways:

Hourly Residential

$161per hour
  • We charge a minimum 1/2 hour for on-site visits, and all other work is billed in 1/4-hour increments.

Managed Services Plan

MSP Rate
  • Our Managed Services Program offers monthly services at a set cost with pro-active visits and services. Call us at 801-486-2580 for a quote.

Want to save money on IT Consultant Costs?

Ask us about being a “Proactive” Customer and Save!

We love clients who are proactive with their IT needs and want to reward them. Give us a call at 801-486-2580 and find out how you can save.