IT Help Desk In Utah

Small Business IT Administration

No business today can survive without technology. But no technology can survive without support. Small businesses need IT services the same as larger ones. Many businesses, however, make the mistake of believing they can do without and save some overhead. Not only is this not true, but lacking proper IT management can lead to outages, frustration and even serious liability.

An experienced technology consulting firm functions as your virtual IT department. By serving a number of small businesses, we can offer large-scale IT products at a fraction of the cost it would take to set it up yourself. Proactive monitoring, device purchase planning, network security and more are available to any size business. Even for small businesses with IT professionals on staff, our services can help your IT people focus on what matters.

Stop IT Problems Before They Start

Choosing outside IT management for your small business offers services often not available to small businesses. One of these is proactive monitoring. Our monitoring helps spot issues in your IT services before they become a problem. Not only does working with us help you fix problems, but it also helps small businesses avoid costlier fixes. From identifying outdated firmware to spotting possible intrusions, contracting with an IT management money can save small businesses in ways it never imagined.

Enterprise-grade Security

Data breaches cost money in two ways: first, downtime can hit productivity; then data theft/loss can mean big liabilities. Many small businesses, however, can’t afford the kinds of capital outlays necessary operate good network security. Our technology consulting service not only offers cost-effective network security for any size business, but can help build a solution that’s right for you.

IT Installations and Repairs

No technology consulting solution is complete without the people to back it up. Our consultants act like another member of the staff. Our services include help with malware and virus cleanup, computer diagnostics and repair, and installation of new computers and servers.

Eliminating Guesswork

Finding the right IT solution takes time–time most small businesses can’t afford. Understanding what new technologies can help is a job in and of itself. Partnering with outside consultants puts you on first-name basis with people who know IT. By letting them get to know you, they become people who know what IT can do for you.

IT Support

Outside IT services can mean as much, or as little, as your business needs. Many small businesses enjoy access to knowledgeable staff for major changes, such as rolling out new workstations or planning an upgrade. Other businesses appreciate having someone they can turn to do whatever is best for their business’ IT. Whichever the case, small businesses working with an outside company enjoy excellent tech services, without the long-term cost of increased staffing levels.